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Friday, July 19, 2013

More gloves and a hat.

Brigid asked if I could make her some gloves to wear in the mornings - fingerless so she work her iPod. I was pretty happy to oblige. I like knitting gloves and I like using up wool in my stash! She chose an apricot 8 ply wool which knitted up really nicely and easily.

I used a pattern from Patons C.16 Gloves and Socks which I've had for about as long as I can remember.

I had plenty of wool, so decided to make a hat that I had been wanting to try from 101 Designer One Skein Wonders. It was also great to knit and pretty quick.

These are a hit: a great match for her favourite jumper and no hindrance in being active.


margaret said...

with our best summer for years here it looks funny seeing you knitting gloves and hats! The patons pattern certainly looks very old but it has served its purpose, I sometimes have fingerless gloves on whilst on the computer when it is so so cold. Love the little hat, looks so cute on your little girl

Jillian said...

Thanks Margaret. Somehow the difference in season seems more peculiar when you think of the difference in stitching rhythm. Fingerless gloves are popular now because of key pads and screens. The patterns are very basic so can't see the point in getting a new book!

katherine said...

Well there is some cold weather on the way for these to be worn. Beautiful knitting Jillian.

Monica said...

What a great set. I particularly like the lacy hat - it looks great on her too!