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Monday, June 3, 2013

Blue nightdress

I have had some pale blue winter twill for a while now - intending to make a winter nightdress for Brigid. As her birthday, and Christmas here in Australia, are both in Summer, it always seems churlish to make her a winter garment. So, as I have been knitting hats for her family, I thought it a good chance to make her nightdress, in lieu of a hat.

I had to search a bit to find a nightdress pattern for a 10 year old with sleeves, but eventually lit on The Pillow Fight  from AS&E Issue 48 . It was, unfortunately, one of the issues I don't have, so I bought the pattern from Country Bumpkin. The pattern was designed for poly-cotton interlock and had ribbed cuffs and neck. I have only used ribbing a couple of times, but thought it would work really well for the openings on this nightdress even though the main fabric isn't interlock.

 I used the smocking design in the pattern, but adapted the colours a little to suit the all-blue fabric.

I replaced a yellow with a mauve for the caps on the diamonds. There was a great tip for stitching these caps - enabling the thread to be carried all the way across without reducing the stretch.

I also substituted shades of pink that blended with the blues.

I discovered the sleeves were missing from the pattern - an oversight, I imagine, relating to the size of the sleeve piece needing larger printing when the pattern was converted from the magazine. A phone call to Country Bumpkin got it printed and to me within 3 days - much appreciated.

In the meantime, I found another sleeve pattern which I adapted successfully. As my sleeves do not have the stretch of the poly-cotton interlock for which the pattern was designed, it was probably a good thing to use a dress pattern with slightly wider sleeves, as I did.

Brigid was very happy with the end result - and it is nice to give something at a time when it can be used immediately. The nights are certainly now cool enough for winter twill.


katherine said...

Gorgeous nightie Jillian. Its been such a long time since I have smocked. One day I will get back to it in preparation for grandbabies but they will be a long way off for me. Lance has his birthday just before xmas and has always commented that he always got summer stuff and never winter as a kid. I think he quite often didnt even get a birthday gift which is a bit sad really.

margaret said...

what a lovely cosy nightdress, it looks wonderful and will be so warm on your cold nights.

DIAN said...

Oh that is really lovely Jillian. Love the colour and the way you have adapted the pattern.

Monica said...

Gosh yes, beautiful smocking, Jillian! The colours you used are perfect. What an elegant nightdress!