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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Toy Chest Etui: Chest sides

After the needlebook, I went to the other end of the piece of linen on my frame and began on the Toy Chest itself.

I began with the framing stitches, which are over two threads. The rest is over one thread.

I like the touch of the shadow at the bottom.

The second side, with its tiny alphabet, was not quite as hard as I imagined. It was very handy while doing the ribbon and border work on the first side to be able to use up thread still in my needle on a letter or two!

The thread is lovely. The variegation sometimes creates a slightly uneven look in infill, such as the hearts. It's very effective, however in the shadow.

I was worried that I'd baulk at so much petit-point stitching. It is demanding on the eyes even (especially?) with a magnifier. It takes my eyes an hour or so to adjust after I have worked on this for a length of time. However, I find myself addicted - wanting to get back to it when away from it, and soothing myself to sleep thinking about the next section.


Monica said...

It is looking really great, Jillian! You know that I always find counted stitch work relaxing, so I am not surprised that you are enjoying it too.

How wonderful that you are able to finish off your thread from one section on another! That is a clear advantage of framing them all up at once. Happy stitching!

margaret said...

this is coming along so well Jillian, I can see what you mean about a strain on the eyes, thankful for manifying glasses they are such a help.

Jillian said...

Thanks girls.
I'm really glad I framed up the whole piece of fabric, Monica. As well as the economy of using up the leftover thread, it's very cheering to come to a new piece and find a little bit done. Also, the piece is going to look fantastic when I finish,take it off the frame and photograph it before cutting it up.

Margaret, the magnifying glasses have been the difference between being able to stitch it or not. I too, am very grateful for them.

katherine said...

it does look fantastic jillian.

Jillian said...

Thanks, Katherine.