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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ruffled Pillowcases

It is now several months since our discussion about pillowcase styles in Australia and North America. I have now finished Vanessa and Victoria, the two ruffled pillowcases I bought from Herrschners at the same time as the others and put aside to embroider as birthday presents for my twin granddaughters. Their birthday is drawing near and I have been looking for easy projects to slip in while preoccupied with my family history blog and building work.

The pillowcases come ready-made and printed. Part of the printing is designed to remain after it is embroidered. This is very like 'fancy work' of my youth - no hoop, stem stitch and satin stitch.

Victoria is the green-toned one.

Vanessa is mauve-toned.

These are not the most exciting presents in the world, but I think the girls will enjoy going to sleep with their heads on these pillows and I have enjoyed the simplicity of embroidering them.


Monica said...

"The Great Pillow Debate", lol! These are very retro, aren't they? I hope your grandaughters will have fun with them!

Karyn said...

I love these!!! Crinoline ladies are my favourite, I love to embroider them. I think your granddaughters will be thrilled with them.