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Monday, August 8, 2011

Snack Bags

I've been wanting to try making some bags from the Design Collective book on lunch bags. I bought it a while back, along with some of the thermal wadding used in the bag on the cover. So I did a test run to make a couple of bags for the snacks we make for our two eldest grandchildren when we pick them up from school once a week. Usually the snacks go in paper bags in a basket that sits on the back seat of the car, between the children. I thought they might like their own snack bags.

I chose a simple fold-over bag and used a couple of fat quarters from my stash. Rather than use the thermal wadding, since our snacks don't need it, I lined the bags with an off-cut from a plasticised table cloth I made for our extending table.

The pattern proved to be really simple. The hardest bit was turning the lined bags inside out through the slit left in the bottom of the plasticised lining. Rather than fold the bottom corners and stitching across the triangle to form a base, the pattern created a L-shaped indent (seen under the machine foot). I haven't done that before but it worked well, especially with the heavy plasticised lining.

The bags are tall enough to fit a drink bottle, and should wipe clean.

I was pleased with the button on the motorcycle bag - a good match in size for the bike wheels and the spare for a coat discarded many moons ago!

A post-script to this is that the first time the kids used the bags was a success. However, the second time I didn't screw the lids of their water bottles on properly and the water leaked out, soaking the snacks because it had nowhere to go with the waterproof lining!

Really sorry, kids.


Jillian Cheek said...

I reallay like this idea. I love the butterflies, particularly.Where do you get the thermal lining that you didn't use?

Jillian said...

I got it from Hetty's Patch, my local quilting supply shop. It is available from The Fox Collection online and probably a lot of other places. I am still going to use it to make a lunch bag and also some potholders.

Karyn said...

I guess the fact that the drink didn't leak onto the car seat makes it a success??
I have some of that motorbike material too; I made a pencil case for one of my sons out of it; maybe I should have used waterproof lining; he left lids off a couple of his textas and they bled all over the fabric. :-(

Anonymous said...

These look great and I love the look of the book